Comic Strips

MURAT ALI is Ali Murat Erkorkmaz's very first comic strip published. It was a series of 8 episodes that was published in the Kelebek supplement of the Hurriyet newspaper.

After the success of Murat Ali, ESOP was created to be an alternative strip in the traditional comics life of Turkey.
There are more than 500 daily episodes and 3 books of ESOP both in Turkish and English.Many times, attempts were made to make the animated programs of ESOP and although many films were done, it was never distributed. In the early 2000's a new line of ESOP films are planned for the production line.


PLINKK was designed the same year Murat Ali was published and was about the life in a tiny planet where all the elements were gold. As a project, it never received enough attention and had to be abandoned.